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Our technology makes factory environment smart and ever.

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”
Once Albert Einstein said.

But we would say our technology has exceeded our expectation on connectivity of machines and has helped our humanity.
Core of our patent technology “ONE-IP” system is about Real-time Remote Control of automation equipment without multiple IP management hassles for M2M connection.
Our technology was invented specially for the needs of semiconductor fabrication which is the most delicate production requiring the best efficiency. The technology relates to a remote control system for automation equipment which comprises: an I/O module for receiving notification information generated in a signal tower when an abnormal operation occurs in semiconductor automation equipment; an on screen display (OSD) gender for unabling extra remote control when the semiconductor automation equipment is controlled from a remote place; a black box for storing an additional image during the abnormal operation by storing a mechanical operation as an image through an IP camera installed in the semiconductor automation equipment; a machine control system (MCS) for transmitting and controlling information of the black box; and a remote computer for checking the abnormal operation of the semiconductor automation equipment by receiving information through the MCS, and controlling the semiconductor automation equipment.


PCT registered for 150 countries all across the world and patent issued successfully from 6 major semiconductor manufacturers countries
SNET’s proven technology can be smartly applied to various machine devices on the remoted environments.
No other competitors can provide our solutions; most reliable and stable connectivity to access on your remote equipment without IP management difficulties.
The world best and only Remote Machine Control System by using “One-IP” to connect a thing.







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