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Why choose SNET as your ICT/M2M partner?

We have over 10 years of experience manpower working within the IT industry, and partner with semiconductor manufacturer and semiconductor equipment manufacturer.
We take a collaborative and partner-oriented approach to developing sector-specific solutions and combine hardware and software insight with IT innovation to drive our industry solutions.

Our technology solutions focus on key issues across the entire value chain and are designed to assist you compete in today’s challenging automation environment.
Drawing on our extensive industry understanding and proven global industry capabilities we can help you realize your business goals.

SNET is an young and flexible customer-centric company that proactively partners with our manufacturers customer as well as solution providers.

Based on a listening of market needs and changes, we encourage customer involvement in our roadmap development since we are R&D company.
A reliable industry supplier, SNET maintains a proven record of operational excellence and successful delivery.
Our blue-chip customer base features leading international semiconductor manufacturers, including the world’s top brands, which have deployed our system solutions at their production lines across the global fab.

As a challenger in digital transformation, we are the partner of choice to keep you ahead of change in today’s digitally smart world.
Leveraging industry-experience and expertise, SNET partners with manufacturers and service providers to bright the future of converged communications everywhere.







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