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Our industry-specific IT solutions of IoT and M2M

SNET is a leading IT services, solutions, and technology provider with eagerness and experience designing, building, and deploying IT systems, services, and digital solutions aiming for both public and private sector customers from semiconductor industry to consumers fields.

Our product portfolio covers everything from M2M.
The core technology of our product enables converged video and data connectivity across remote desk, diverse mobile and consumer and enterprise environment – from connected machines and security to screens.
M2M solutions for the semiconductor sector

SNET M2M solutions focus on providing world-class technology that improves efficiency, reduces costs, and empowers engineers to leverage their factory assets. We have years of experience working with world-leading semiconductor manufacturers and have a dedicated connectivity technology solutions.

With our semiconductor-specific portfolio, we deliver smart connection from various equipment of Diffusion, Photo, Clean, CVD process, etc. to system based on ICT.

We also provide IT solutions for research and development, and production. Our innovative product and service offering can enable you to improve efficiency of labor and machine operations.
Our solutions restructure the existing connections with our product to enhance the accuracy of your monitoring and controlling the equipment.

Our solutions are working great on configuration through existing installed TCP/IP network of the equipment.

Our solutions are evolving to solve the needs of connected machines responding to Industry 4.0

Fourth Industrial Revolution ahead.

The industry is entering a period of radical change - in the future, all the machines will be connected, autonomous, shared on-demand and electric. The industry’s focus will, therefore, need to switch from production to intelligent mobility comes with the customer experience and their freedom. IoT/M2M solution for industry 4.0 includes; time savings and increased efficiency, cost reductions are essential.







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