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We’ve been solving the field needs of leading semiconductor fabrication.

Semiconductor industry has been at the forefront of innovation and operational excellence for over decades.
The equipment have been performing great.
However, controlling machine is not smart enough because of connectivity issue of machine to machine.

Our solution provided smartness on connectivity.
And completed remote control on machine.
Without difficulties of management.

See how our solutions benefited.

Resulted in a great satisfaction of the engineers on the factory, and the company.


※ Decrease in distance traveled by an engineer inside the fab
→ 3.5Km distance reduced daily per engineer

Time saved for an Engineer : 54 min daily per individual

Assuming 100 engineers working in fab, 100 × 54 min - 5,400 min which is equal to working hours of 11.25 engineers per a day


※ 271 cases occurred in the Diffusion process in year 20XX
The above represents action time taken against INTERLOCK per day

Average of 14min decreased daily for dealing with technical issues
(271 cases X 14 min = 3,794 min)

Work efficiency is largely improved by more than doubled
(2.6 times)

Saving the equipment cost of USD 5.2 million apprx.

Resulted in smart working of the workers. Smart connectivity can eliminate unsmart moves.


Action Time taken
Travling 50M 60sec. on average
Measuring against error 60~300sec. on average

[Working range of one engineer : within 50M, controlling 2 units of equipment]


Action Time taken
Travling 50M 5~20sec. on average
Measuring against error 30~150sec. on average

[Working range of one engineer : all areas within the processes]

Dramatic Improvement In Engineers' Work Efficiency

One engineer can approximately handle more than what two engineers are assigned to do in a single production line by decreasing in travel time by the number of engineers and time taken to check and fix against errors :

※In other words, if there are 10 production lines with its length of 100m, then 10 manpowers can be saved per a day
How smart save possible from away!
Beyond our applications to semiconductor industry, many industries will face many challenges on the road.

Other than Connectivity, there are many technologic challenges regarding Sharing and Intelligence including Security.

All we have to keep our competitive market grow and our society safe.
At SNET, we will continue to combine innovative M2M technology with world-leading ICT convergence services, infrastructure and digital cultures to deliver optimized solutions that overcome those challenges.

Industrial applications

Real-time monitoring and controlling
Decreased labor cost
Safer operation
Maximizing productivity
Manufacturing optimization

Society applications

Smart Buildings
Smart City
Smart Buildings
Smart Home

Our applications goal is to improve the quality management and its environment.

Our product of M2M device can be used for a wide range of applications, especially in various fields of industries, not to mention the most delicate semiconductor FAB process, such as traffic systems, automotive, transport and logistics, utilities - smart grid, security - connected buildings, home appliances, medical automation, remote healthcare, ATM, Point of sale, vending, critical infrastructures, etc.







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